Storytelling at upcoming Rural Expo and Trade Show

The upcoming Expo and Trade Show boasts of a Coffeehouse Storytelling event

Storytelling comes in all sorts of shapes and styles, whether through poetry, music, puppets, or from a book. And that is just what you will see at this year’s Celebration of Rural Living Expo and Trade Show in Barriere on the weekend of 27-28 April 2013.

Storytelling speaks from all facets of our lives, our culture, how we were raised, values we have found dear, and is often reflected in humorous events worth telling and retelling. In these times of great technological advances, when folks are dependent upon cell phones, Internet, and high budget Hollywood movies for their cultural input, we are challenged to relate with the more simplistic version of storytelling, which is person to person, and heart to heart.

All the more reason to promote this personal expression in our rural community wherever possible. The upcoming Expo and Trade Show boasts of a Coffeehouse Storytelling event, being staged within the upstairs lounge area inside the Trade Hall/Curling Club facility.

Rae Lee Fraser, a Barriere teen who recently won the Country 103 Rising Star Award at the 2013 Kamloops Cowboy Festival for her original poetry, will be performing both Saturday and Sunday. Cindy Wilgosh, from Aboriginal Success by Six, will be presenting some First Nations storytelling by utilizing a traditional Talking Quilt, Gordie West, a local country and western music performer, will be entertaining the crowds with his musical storytelling both days as well. Andrea Berlanger will take to the stage with her puppet performance, geared more towards the kids. And Lauren Powers will be reading some classic stories from well renowned storytellers throughout the weekend. These will include “The Man Who Planted Trees” by Jean Giono; “That Which Never Dies” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes; and perhaps a ghost story or two from her native home in Alabama, which speak to the culture, and historical aspect of the Deep South.

Additionally, a Story Swap session is planned so folks, local or not, young or old, can participate by telling some of their own stories in a casual coffeehouse atmosphere. So bring your stories and join us in this delightful aspect of the Expo! If you want to let us know ahead of time of your plans to participate, that’s great. Otherwise, just come, and we’ll fit you in to the line-up!

So when you’re walking around the Expo and Trade showat the North Thompson fairgrounds in Barriere, come on over to the Coffeehouse in the Trade Hall/Curling Club, kick your feet up, and be entertained.

More information about the Celebration of Rural Living Expo and Trade Show can be found by going to: or by emailing