Strengthening the local economy of the North Thompson Valley

Yellowhead Helicopters will provide the charter service for the helicopter skiing program

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing announced recently its new partnership with BC-based Yellowhead Helicopters.

As of July 25, Yellowhead Helicopters will provide the charter service for the helicopter skiing program.

Both companies have extensive years of service and experience in their industries with Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing being established in 1970 and Yellowhead Helicopters being established in 1975.

Based in Valemount and with eight other bases across western Canada, Yellowhead Helicopters is one of western Canada’s most respected helicopter companies. It has achieved the Helicopter Association International Award for 16 years, and the Helicopter Association of Canada award since its inception.

“Forty-three years ago, Gary and I worked together to develop helicopter assisted skiing,” said Mike Wiegele, founder and chairman of Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, referring to Gary Forman, founder and president of  Yellowhead Helicopters.

“Today, I am proud to recognize the growth of both of our businesses and to be working together once again. Together we have created over 250 full time jobs in Blue River and give many of our guests the “best day” of their lives,” Wiegele added.

According to the companies, this new partnership further strengthens the economic development within the North Thompson region. Furthermore, both are privately held and family owned and operated with a focus on growing the local economy and operating industry-leading companies.

The helicopter service to Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing including machines, pilots, and maintenance crew will remain at the same industry-leading quality as it was with the previous carrier ,Vancouver Island Helicopters. The fleet will continue to consist of the Bell 212, the AStar AS350 B2, and the Bell 407.