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Students in Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo ‘elect’ NDP Bill Sundhu

The Student Vote Canada program sees NDP candidate take riding over Conservative Frank Caputo by 165 votes

If students in the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo had their choice, the NDP’s Bill Sundhu would have been elected as the riding’s new MP.

In this year’s Student Vote Canada program, 29 schools in the riding - including 100 Mile, Mile 108, Barriere and Raft River elementary schools, as well as Barriere and Clearwater Secondary schools - “elected” Sundhu with 1,187 votes, 165 more than the Conservative Party’s Frank Caputo, who was the actual winner on Sept. 20.

Clearwater Secondary School students had Conservative Frank Caputo in the lead, with the NDP's Bill Sundhu a close second. (Student Vote Canada)

Green candidate Iain Currie took third place with 638 votes, followed by Liberal Jesse McCormick with 410. Corally Delwo, of the People’s Party of Canada, took the fifth-place slot with 218, followed by Independent candidates Bob O’Brien (123) and Wayne Allan (71).

However, the results varied in individual schools across the riding. In the North Thompson Valley, including Barriere and Clearwater Secondary schools, as well as Barriere and Raft River elementary schools, students elected Caputo, while Sundhu and Currie were both a close second in each of the school’s voting decisions.

Barriere Elementary students voted in Conservative Frank Caputo, with Green Party's Iain Currie a close second. (Student Vote Canada)

At 100 Mile Elementary, meanwhile, students picked Currie as their top choice with 35 votes out of a possible 119. Caputo came in second, followed by Sundhu, McCormick, Allan, Delwo and O’Brien. Mile 108 Elementary School had a similar outcome, with Currie finishing on top.

The overall nation student vote results saw the Liberal Party collect 118 seats, the NDP earn 106, Conservatives win 88 seats, the Bloc Quebecois collect 21 seats and the Green Party receive three seats.

100 Mile House Elementary students "elected" Green nominee Iain Currie. (Student Vote Canada)

The popular vote count nationally saw the NDP lead the way with 220,636, Conservatives with 194,554, Liberals with 186,173, Greens with 75,860, PPC with 51,370, BQ with 15,957, Independents with 5,859 and the Maverick Party with 5,027. A number of other parties received 5,000 votes or less.

According to the Student Vote website, it is a learning program that provides students with the opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and practice the habits of active and informed citizenship. The program is presented in collaboration with Elections Canada.

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