Sunday lightening storm starts number of blazes in fire district

A dozen new wildfires started over the weekend of July 18, in the Kamloops Fire Centre

A dozen new wildfires started over the weekend in the Kamloops Fire Centre, with two in the North Thompson.

The intense storm brought little rain to the area but the Kamloops Fire Centre reported 1200 lightening strikes in the region between 9 p.m. and midnight.

However, Clearwater, Salmon Arm and Penticton received a fair amount of rain.

The Fire Centre noted that much of the lightening in the North Thompson was sheet lighting with the brunt of the fork lightening hitting the Shuswap area.

Fourteen reports of lightning strikes starting small blazes, including the two in the North Thompson, were all attended to.

Two fires were confirmed by the Clearwater Fire Zone in Gollen Creek located northwest of the north end of Adams Lake, as well as smoke reports on the Granite Mountain area of Vavenby.

A 32 hectare fire located near Otter Creek that started on July 8 has now been confirmed as in the mop up stage.

With more lightening in the forecast fire fighting crews are being kept busy, with aerial watchdogs also active.

With the region still rated at a “high” danger for forest fire the public is reminded to remain cautious and vigilant, especially when in the bush.

Smokers are reminded that all butts need to be retained, contained, and disposed of responsibly.