TNRD approves grant for S&R

Highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors’ Meeting of Nov. 8

Phase II of the Farmed Animal Carcass Disposal Plan

Phase II of the Farmed Animal Carcass Disposal Plan will move forward, as the services of a Geotechnical/GIS consultant will be retained to identify potential carcass disposal sites within the regional district.

Search and Rescue Operational Funding

The following Search and Rescue groups will receive an increase in the operational funding from $7,500 to $10,000: Wells Gray, Barriere, Kamloops, Logan Lake and Nicola Valley. The South Cariboo Search and Rescue group will receive an operational funding increase from $2,500 to $3,325. The Kamloops Search and Rescue group received a capital grant of $9,686.99, and the funding will be put towards the purchase of two snowmobiles.

Nicola Lake Watershed Sustainability Management Plan

Approval was granted for $15,000 from the Federal Gas Tax Revenues, Community Works Fund component allocated to Electoral Areas “M” & “N” to fund the development and implementation of the Nicola Lake Watershed Sustainability Management Plan.

Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund Applications

An application will be submitted to the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund, requesting funds to cover the cost of upgrades to the playground and septic system at Eleanor Lake Park in Blue River.

Mamit Lake Crown Land Tenure Offer

A 30-year tenure licence will be acquired from the Province over unsurveyed Crown Land in the vicinity of District Lot 381, Kamloops Division of Yale District, for the purposes of monitoring at the former Mamit Lake landfill site.

Letter to Canada Post

A letter will be forwarded to Canada Post, with a copy sent to MP Cathy McLeod to express concerns and opposition to the new $200 charge for mailboxes on all new home developments, due to the inequities among people receiving postal service.

Letter Regarding Highway 5A

A letter will be forwarded to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure requesting a restriction of all highway haul truck traffic on Highway 5A with the exception of trucks serving customers or having a verifiable destination business along 5A.

Letter to Veterans Affairs

A letter will be forwarded to Veteran Affairs, with a copy to Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod, requesting that proper honour be given for the contributions and sacrifices of Canada’s veterans by providing veterans with better benefits and better transitional services on completion of their service in the military.

Film Commission Vignettes

The Film Commission has been working on producing seven vignettes that focus on economic development opportunities in various areas of the Regional District. The Gold Country Geocaching vignette and Ashcroft Terminal vignette were viewed by the Board.