TNRD Area “P” complaining about ongoing mailbox thefts

Highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors’ Meeting of March 12

Highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors’ Meeting of March 12, included:

New Cemeteries Bylaw for Avola, Blue River

Avola and Blue River cemeteries have had separate bylaws that have not been updated in more than 10 years.

The Thompson Headwaters Services Committee (Electoral Area “B”) requested a cemetery bylaw review in 2011. Since that time, Consumer Protection BC has audited both sites, with recommendations for price; interment right contracts; bylaws; perpetual care funds/general maintenance; and records.

The Board approved the incorporation of the two bylaws into one common bylaw to cover both Avola and Blue River cemeteries — the Thompson Headwaters Cemeteries Bylaw No. 2494, 2015.

Review of Bylaw

Enforcement Policy and Practices

A report was provided to the Board regarding Bylaw Enforcement policy and corporate practice. The TNRD core policy is that enforcement generally starts with a complaint, and that the complaint must be in writing and be submitted in good faith.

The TNRD has based its policy and practices in consultation with other Regional Districts and some of the best practices put forward by the License Inspectors and Bylaw Officers Association of B.C.

Community Mailbox Theft Issue in Electoral Area “P”

There have been numerous complaints about theft from community mailboxes in Electoral Area “P” (Rivers and the Peaks). In response, the Board is inviting a representative from Canada Post to a future Board meeting to provide information about measures taken to improve mailbox safety.

Change of Zoning for 2726 Loon Lake Road

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2492, 2015, was introduced, given first two readings, and was approved for public hearing at a future meeting. The primary purpose of this application is to rezone the eastern portion of the subject property from LRT-2: Existing Lakeshore Resort Zone to LR-1: Lakeshore Residential Single Family, to enable a two-parcel residential subdivision with commercial remainder. Additionally, the northern portion of District Lot 5244 is requested to be rezoned from LRT-2: Existing Lakeshore Resort to C-4: Recreational Commercial, as housekeeping, to match the fishing resort’s current C-4 zoning.

Kamloops Film Festival Screening of Shana: The Wolf’s Music

The Kamloops Film Festival hosted a screening on March 7 of Shana: The Wolf ’s Music. It was filmed in the Merritt area and locals were hired as actors and crew.

The cast and crew were also present at the well-attended screening.

The Regular TNRD Board Meeting is scheduled for  Friday, March 27, at 1:15 p.m.