TNRD Board highlights from Sept. 18

Noise Control Service Establishment Bylaw (No. 2479) was given first three readings

The Sept. 18 Board of Directors meeting for the Thompson Nicola Regional District produced the following highlights.

A public hearing was held for the Cherry Creek–Savona Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2472, 2014, and four people presented their views of the OCP to the Board. The bylaw was given third reading.

Mr. Frank Wheatley, CEO of Yellowhead Mining Inc., provided an update on the Harper Creek Project, highlighting the environmental application and construction timelines of the mine project. Mr. Wheatley responded to questions regarding the environmental standards that will be met in the construction of the mine and provided details on the proposed tailings storage.

Shuswap Watershed Council Manager Mike Simpson provided a presentation on the activities of the Shuswap Watershed Council and the development of a 2015-2020 Water Quality Program.

Fringe Areas Policy Guidelines Adopted

The Fringe Areas Policy Guidelines were approved as amended. An additional amendment changed the fringe area to 5 kilometres from the boundaries of a municipality with a population of greater than 5,000 residents, and that the fringe area policy not apply to satellite communities.

The Board approved the expenditure of upto $170,000 from Federal Gas Tax Revenues – Community Works Fund allocated to Electoral Area “J” (Copper Desert Country) for the upgrade to the dock and boat launch at the Savona Community Park.

An interim financial report from January 1 to June 30 was provided to the Board for information, providing a comparison to the annual financial plan approved in March. No issues or significant deviations from the approved plan have arisen.

The Noise Control Service Establishment Bylaw (No. 2479) was given first three readings. The Noise Regulation Bylaw (No. 2480) was given first and second reading. The proposed noise regulations will address the following:

• General persistent/offensive noises.

• Animals that make noises that unduly disturb neighbourhood peace.

• Amplified music played persistently.

• Generating construction noise is prohibited between 9:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. The bylaw proposes exemptions for such things as emergency situations, logging/mining under permit, and trains.

The next regular Board of Directors Meeting will be held Thursday, October 9, at 1:15 p.m.

Nomination papers for the November 15, 2014 General Local Election are now available.