TNRD Board Meeting highlights

Highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors’ Meeting of June 19.

Highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors’ Meeting of June 19.

Mr. Ross Thompson, owner of the property located at 6088 Gardi Road, Kamloops, and Agriculture Land Commission applicant, appeared as a delegation before the Board. The Board supported Mr. Thompson’s ALC application to subdivide his 23 hectare parcel in Cherry Creek into two parcels.

Ms. Judanna Dawn-Caros, owner/operator of Angels Animal Rescue, provided information on the work of her animal rescue organization and requested establishment of mandatory spay and neuter regulations in the TNRD and discounted disposal rates at TNRD solid waste management facilities for her operation.

The South Thompson Valley and Pinantan Official Community Plan was amended to enable continued use of the property located at 1585 Lance Road, Pritchard, for a small hobby farm. The farm contains a meat cutting operation and farm gate sales.

On the recommendation of the Policy Review Committee, the Board adopted the following new and amended policies:

• Discretionary Funds Policy

• Gas Tax Funds Delegation Policy

• Video Surveillance Policy

• Fire Department Operational Guidelines Policy

• Grants and Sponsorship Policy

• Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Staff have been directed to develop a policy so that members of the public may appear before the Board to request that a Board policy be waived for their particular circumstance.

On recommendation of the Invasive Plant Committee, $8,000 will be contributed towards Yellow Flag Iris treatment studies in Dutch Lake by Agrowest Consulting.

Agrowest Consulting has already secured $80,000 in in-kind and monetary funds to install treatment at Vaseux Lake and the TNRD was invited to participate in the existing study and receive treatment at Dutch Lake near Clearwater.

Mr. David Nelmes was appointed as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer for all TNRD Bylaws relating to the regulation of lands, utilities, and solid waste.

The Regional Growth Strategy indicators were approved and the monitoring program was authorized for development.

Authority was given for the TNRD to enter into the 2014-2024 Community Works Fund Agreement (Gas Tax Agreement) with the Union of BC Municipalities.

Authority was given for an agreement for firefighting mutual aid between Clearwater, Blackpool and Vavenby Volunteer Fire Departments.

The next regular Board of Directors Meeting is Thursday, July 17, at 1:15 p.m.