TNRD purchases Louis Creek Eco-Depot

  • Feb. 14, 2011 6:00 a.m.

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) has purchased a parcel of land including the upper bench of the Louis Creek Industrial area for the building of an Eco-Depot.

An Eco-Depot is an improved way of managing solid waste by allowing users to separate recyclables and reusable materials from the waste stream before disposing the residual in a fully enclosed disposal building. It offers a “one stop drop” for all waste and recyclable materials.

The TNRD purchased District Lot 1320 (approximately 244 hectares) from Tolko Industries for $318,000 subject to an agreement that Tolko retain liability for the wood waste landfill on the property and cost-sharing of landfill monitoring.

The TNRD held a Barriere area Eco-Depot Sitting Analysis Open House Presentation on Dec. 15, 2009. During this presentation the TNRD showed attendees four potential sites and based on the central location of the site, an endorsement from the District of Barriere’s Council, and public feedback, DL 1320 was chosen as the preferred site for the Eco-Depot.

The resolution was passed at a TNRD Board in-camera meeting on May 20, 2010.

“Right now we’re working on design concepts,” said Don May, TNRD manager of Environmental Health Services. “We should have a few drawn up and ready in the next few months to bring forth for public review.”

When the Eco-Depot is completed in 2012 it will eventually replace the Barriere landfill, which will in turn be closed.

The TNRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan which was adopted in 2008 identified the need to close several landfills and transfer stations in the region including the Barriere landfill to address environmental issues and improve waste management operational efficiency.