TNRD renews Dangerous Dogs Contract for area

Highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) Board of Directors’ meeting of Nov. 22

Funds Approved for Fire Truck Purchase: Bylaw No. 2666, 2018, was adopted by the TNRD Board. This will allow the expenditure of $187,250 from the Blackpool Fire Protection Reserve Fund to purchase a truck for that fire department.

Search and Rescue Grants Approved: The following Search and Rescue Operating Grants were approved:

• Kamloops Search and Rescue $3,735

• Wells Gray Search and Rescue $8,333.88 New Sculpture for Building This work is being acquired by the Kamloops Art Gallery for its permanent collection and is representative of the Gallery’s rigorous exhibition program and community engagement. Installed on top of the TNRD Civic Building, the light sculpture will act as a beacon for the public building, marking it as a significant civic and cultural space in the city. It holds visual interest in the daytime and at night. It is expected that the artwork will be display on the roof at the entrance of the building for approximately two years starting mid-December.

Dangerous Dogs Contractor Renewed for Three Years: A three-year contract with a two year renewal clause was awarded to K-9 Systems Control for the period of January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2021, for dangerous dog control services within Electoral Areas “A”, “I”, “J”, “M”, “N”, “O” and “P”. K-9 Systems Control has successfully provided dangerous dog control services in the TNRD since the inception of the bylaw, which began in January of 2014. Ms. Ellis (principal K-9 Systems Control) has been excellent in dealing with TNRD residents who are involved in dog attacks (both attacked and attacker). Her years of experience bring a neutral common sense to the service, which can often become quite emotional.