TNRD tipping fees increase

Fees rise for household, construction waste in Thompson Nicola Regional District

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is raising tipping fees for household refuse as well as demolition, landclearing and construction (DLC) waste beginning January 2015 at all waste facilities in the TNRD.

The tipping fees for household refuse will go from $60 per tonne to $80 per tonne, and tipping fees for DLC waste will go from $120 per tonne to $160 per tonne, as per a new bylaw that was adopted by the TNRD Board of Directors.

Also in effect as of January 2015, any amount of household garbage under 50 kg will again be charged $1 per bag, up to four bags, or 50 kg. Any amount greater than 50 kg will be charged at the $80/tonne rate.

The new fee structure for household waste gives customers incentive to reduce and recycle while saving landfill space. Diverting material from the landfill saves space for material that truly belongs there and keeps landfills open for as long as possible.

The fee structure also gives customers the ability to save money by source separating DLC waste. A separate lower fee will be applied to select waste streams if they are separated.

The fee increases are in step with the user-pay principle adopted in the TNRD

Solid Waste Management Plan. These changes will move costs away from the taxpayer and towards the user.

The new fees will make TNRD fees comparable to other regional districts in the southern Interior. Presently, the TNRD has some of the lowest fees in the southern Interior.