Uranium mining claims settled in B.C.

Uranium mining claims settled in B.C. , victoria, boss energy

VICTORIA – Boss Energy has agreed to surrender to the Province of British Columbia all claims to its uranium exploration and mining rights at the Blizzard Uranium Deposit near Kamloops.

The legal agreement supports the Province’s goal of ensuring mining exploration is safe, sustainable and economically benefits British Columbians.

In 2008, the Province announced that it would not support uranium exploration and development, and prohibited related permits being issued to any company in 2009. At that time, Boss Energy held a pre-existing claim to uranium deposits in the Kamloops area.

The negotiated settlement gives the Crown the mineral rights to the Blizzard uranium deposit. The Province will pay Boss Energy $30 million, plus legal costs, to compensate for the economic value of the uranium deposit.

The 2003 and the 2007 B.C. Energy Plans do not permit the production of nuclear power in the Province.