Warning to Canadians: Do not use unauthorized health products

IF you have purchased Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution products on the Internet read this

A vendor in Atlantic Canada (www.health-recovery-info.com) is selling Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), an unauthorized drug product which Health Canada has previously warned may pose serious risks to health if ingested. This product, which is a chemical used mainly as a textile bleaching agent and disinfectant, is being promoted as a cure for cancer, HIV, flu and malaria by the company.

Canadians who have purchased Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution products on the Internet from the website www.health-recovery-info.com should:

• Stop using Miracle Mineral Solution products immediately.

• Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have used or are using Miracle Mineral Solution products distributed by www.health-recovery-info.com or any other distributor.

• Report any adverse events to Health Canada.

Health Canada has notified www.health-recovery-info.com that the sale of this product is not permitted under the Food and Drugs Act and its regulations, but the company has not taken the necessary steps to come into compliance with regulatory requirements.

In order to protect the health and safety of Canadians, Health Canada say they will consider the use of other enforcement measures to stop the company from selling the product.

Miracle Mineral Solution contains sodium chlorite. No drug products containing sodium chlorite have been approved by Health Canada for consumption by humans. Sodium chlorite is authorized in Canada for use as a germicide by veterinarians and as a hard surface disinfectant. Sodium chlorite is commonly used for bleaching textiles, pulp and paper, as well as in the generation of disinfectant for water treatment.

Products Affected:   MMS Package contains two (2) bottles: one labelled to contain 28 per cent Sodium Chlorite and Distilled Water and the other labelled to contain 50 per cent Citric Acid.

Consumers and health professionals wanting more information about this advisory from Health Canada can contact the Public Enquiries Line at 613-957-2991, or toll free at 1-866-225-0709.

How to report side effects of health products to Health Canada:

• Call toll-free at 1-866-234-2345

• Visit MedEffect Canada’s web page on Adverse Reaction Reporting for information on how to report online, by mail or by fax.