Welcome to responsible solid waste management

On January 28, of this year the Barriere Landfill was closed for good

Barbara Klima

Barbara Klima

Solid waste management has come a long way over the past few years. Regional Districts throughout the province are working towards closing landfills and opening environmentally responsible Eco-Depots in their place.

On Jan. 28, of this year the Barriere Landfill was closed for good, and on the following day a brand new Eco-Depots opened in Louis Creek.

The Louis Creek depot can be found just off the Yellowhead Highway, at 4077 Agate Bay Road.

On-site you’ll find staff person Barbara Klima (pictured), who greets each vehicle on arrival, and explains the facilities recycling program.  She says the depot’ has had really good response from users to date.  “People are happy it’s so close to Barriere.”

The recycle facility takes items such as oil and filters, batteries, tires, fridges, freezers, and yard waste like brush and grass clippings.

Klima notes folks can pay for disposal of their refuse with a pre-purchased Eco-Card or by cash.


She encourages new depot users to, “Come up and have a look around, and see what our Eco-Depot is all about.”