Windstorm in North Thompson leaves its mark

Windstorm in North Thompson leaves its mark

High wind gusts that blew through the North Thompson Valley on Friday, Oct. 25, left many shaking their heads at the damage left behind.

A large barn was completely destroyed in Little Fort, a motorhome was crushed by a large tree in McLure, and numerous trees caused widespread damage as they took out power and phone lines, blocked roadways, and smashed fences.

A number of residences in the Barriere Lakes Road area lost power for most of the day, and some were still waiting Monday for phone lines to be working again.

One area resident reported a chicken coop lost to the storm saying, “The roof just took off and I was worried the wind would take the chickens as well but they just hunkered down and hung on! What a gust of wind that was!”

As of press time Tuesday chain saws could still be heard cleaning up the mess in valley communities.

(Photos courtesy of Kristina Leduc, Shelley Piva, Adrienne Pullen, and Kelly Oakden Vos)