$5 bill squabble showcases benefits of small town life

letter to the editor from Greg Peterson, Barriere Country Feeds

To the editor;

After 17 years of  business in Barriere, I can honestly say we’ve had some entertaining moments, many of which highlight the unique qualities of small town living.

A case in point, last week:  a younger gentleman was just leaving my store having picked-up his Purolator package.  Outside near the sidewalk he found a $5 bill on the ground.

He came back into the store to see if it belonged to the older gentleman at the front counter buying some wood pellets.  The gentleman didn’t think so, but was handed the bill anyway.

So after he completed his purchase, he handed me the $5 bill and said it wasn’t his.

Where else would this ever happen?

Only in small town Canada would strangers essentially squabble over not claiming found money! Is that awesome or what?

So if you lost a $5 bill, it is still here waiting for you!

Greg Peterson

Barriere Country Feeds