A biker’s image

letter to the editor from Rick Jaques, Barriere - A biker’s image

To the Editor:

Some people think if  you ride a motorcycle you’re a criminal, gang member or drug dealer.  I have been riding motorcycles all my life.  Anytime you are broken down, usually a biker will stop and see if you need assistance.

A lady rider in town here, bought some car parts for a person in the community in need without any expectations in return, just because that is what kind of person she is.  Just a big heart.

Another story is of a couple on a weekend get away in the Okanagan.  The husband overheard a young couple talking by the front desk of the hotel they were staying in. They seemed a little distraught and quite upset. He asked the couple if there was anything they could do to help.  The young couple just got married and could not check into their room because their charge card was maxed out due to all the wedding expenses.  So the person from Barriere (a biker), paid their hotel room (the honeymoon suite) and just said to the couple, “Congratulations, just pay it forward.”

The reason I am writing this letter is because this Saturday, (Sept. 28) is Barriere’s annual Toy Run and Food Bank Drive. So please, give generously and hopefully you will have a better understanding of a biker’s image.

Rick Jaques

Barriere, BC