A billion dollar penalty for delay of hockey game

Letter to the editor from Lloyd Atkins, Vernon, B.C.

To the editor;

A billion dollar penalty for delay of game

Have you been wondering what ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ fans have been doing on Saturday nights?

According to media experts, 95 per cent of them still have their noses glued to the TV, but only 11 per cent are watching Ron Maclean’s pathetic attempt to hock yesterday’s hockey.

There`s even more lockout-hockey news: the sponsor’s beer sales are down significantly right cross Canada.

Apparently Molson Coors will be seeking financial compensation for lost revenue once the lockout ends.

My god, corporate lawyers are slick; slicker than freshly Zambonied ice. You can bet your bottom dollar that those shifty legal beagles are already in training, practising how to concuss their opponents without getting disbarred from the game. Their legal stickwork is sure to be daffy but dazzling.

Hey, wait a minute! If Molson Coors can butt-end the NHL big shots where it hurts most, in their pocket books, why can’t the fans?

There must be some nifty lawyers out there with nothing important to do on Saturday nights.

How about initiating a class action lawsuit on behalf of the fans? Claiming damages of a billion dollars from those greedy NHL owners for loss of leisure and pleasure seems fair!

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.