A new year and the passing of time

A new year and the passing of time

Facing a brand new year gives us pause to reflect on profound statements

To repeat a capsule which has most probably been said so often before that it has become a cliché –life is like the changing seasons. For some it may seem that, as winter sleeps then awakens in spring, one’s sleeping spirit is aroused. As summer drowses into autumn—which can be as changeable and even fickle as life is—time subtly alters its pace and its course…

Facing a brand new year gives us pause to reflect on profound statements such as that of the wise King Solomon who, in Ecclesiastes, expounded on the seasons of our lives ensuring us that they all fit together. Does synchronism do that as well? In the condensation of happenstance, do coincidences, aka ‘soul sights’ sometimes confirm a belief in divine serendipity?

An expression we use often is: ‘in time’ this or that; ‘in time’, this will change; ‘in time’, you’ll get over it; ‘in time’, you’ll understand.

What, then, do we expect when all this time has passed and the ‘in-time’ is finally here? Will answers and solutions await us or has so much time been used up there is none left to utilize?

The passage of time may bring what we imagined when we said, “in time this will or that will…,” but it may also bring unbearable troubles. Are we going to fall for the notion that, in time, resolutions and change will inevitably bring peace over recent or past issues?

There is no answer except that, in connecting with the universe and restoring a belief system which allows for a connection with the Creator of the universe, we take our precious time to wait and watch, listen and learn the formula to love and forgive, to hope and have faith in the divine revelations which lie within our reach. For most assuredly, as told from the wisdom of old, there is for each of us a time for every purpose under heaven … when this time has passed.