(Reflections teaser)


As my mind darted here and there, thoughts of a new year filled the air.

I’d been walking, just taking stock, of all the inconveniences 2020 brought!

With a fresh new year, I’m ringing it in—with hope and happy plans again.

Sometime later, a spring-flower bouquet may offer me a chance to say,

I waited it out for I had a good hunch that to bear 2020 mattered much

And snow would fall till mid of night, n’ I’d welcome 2021 with delight.

But, today I strolled a nearby hill where, in the distance, quiet and still

A ribbon of green between the mountain, fed by Mother Nature’s fountain,

Appeared below snow-caps overhead signalling warnings I took with dread

Of winter’s frigid spells of chill, though firesides crackle and snow sports thrill.

As crazy Covid continues to snear… I await, with hope, the approaching year

Of pristine landscapes which whitely gleam, cold and pure near frozen stream.

Earth is blanketed, while I stay warm, though really not protected from storm…

Of the novel Corona Virus which still can harm!

Wintering geese squawk long and loud searching below the clumps of cloud

To feed in yonder alfalfa fields. They’re satisfied with whatever it yields

Including morsels buried in snow where seedlings in the spring will grow.

Lately isn’t over yet; for, now’s begun—a glistening season of winter sun—

Following Noel in this year’s December; weird as heck to later remember

The hours of self-isolation repose lasting after 2020 reaches its close!

So, I’ll just curl up on my fireside rugs and gesture masked kids for distant hugs

Cuz in this forsaken world of mine, this tired old year and I shall recline.

A new-fashioned day’ll roll over and yawn before this odd year is finally gone.

While year-end parties, quieter times, seem emptier than normal as midnight chimes.

“Will all my plans for next year take hold?” I asked, or will the resolves I’ve told

Fall dormant – am I prepared for this? Will my energies wane or rally to resist

The doldrums tomorrows will likely bring? I’ll hope for a fun-filled year to sing,

As endings retreat and beginnings refine, those traditional lines of Auld Lang Syne!

Miss Nature heralds cycles to repeat… once yesteryear’s abandoned, I shall seek

New scenes n’ schemes of which to ponder, brand new places, in time, to wander

The walk this coming year will lead beyond the path I’ve dared not leave

For something different at every turn – for safety sake I’ll carefully learn

There is no better time than now, to address the challenges—also, the wow!

And, stay abreast of change till spring and experience pleasure in each new thing!

The wonder of it all depends on me. What’s next in this pandemic? We’ll see.

Goodbye to this restless ol’ funk of hours – a new babe enters, perhaps with powers

To turn things around, as I confront, things like inconveniences month by month.

Regulations are necessary; take the plunge n’ drown your sorrows in chilled red punch.

That’ll do it, once 2020’s turned old, and the young 2021’s all mine to behold!

Sorry guys; I’m just here day dreaming… and thinking aloud just leads to scheming.

I’ll figure it out—as of now, though, folks, we can’t go wrong. I’m tellin’ no jokes!

Enjoy! Celebrate! Go have a blast! Get used to new norms and live it up at last!


By Rita Joan Dozlaw, Kamloops, B.C.