A “smart” Eco Depot concept

Jasper Eco Depot

Jasper Eco Depot

To the editor;

Here are pictures of a smart eco-depot in Jasper; population 4,700+, and a tourist/hotel population of 2,000.

One of hundreds of private eco-depot’s around Alberta, usually incorporated with a bottle depot and sometimes with a simple transfer station, all run by the same person(s).

This Eco Depot is privately funded, privately operated, hires people, makes money and pays taxes verses the TNRD’s mega-million dollar, taxpayer funded version.

Does anyone know how much the TNRD’s mega-million dollar eco-depot’s are going to cost, to operate every year?

And they wonder why business is reluctant to locate here;  business knows that government money doesn’t just fall from the sky.

Have a nice day.

Don Corser,

Clearwater, B.C.