A Stompin’ Toy Run Sonnet

Blake Munce, River’s Day, Sept. 29, 2013 - A Stompin’ Toy Run Sonnet

It was a cold, windy and miserable

Toy Run day

But your friends showed up

and made it all okay

For it wasn’t about weather,

or how anyone felt

It’s about families who have to tighten

their belt

The run went through the

streets of our township

After the cops served you their

egality bike lip


All afternoon long the Bike Games

were played

Through laughter and quips we

friends all stayed

We enjoyed it all, and the MC

was his usual self

Leaving no one untainted no

one safe on the shelf

Then to supper, drinks, silent auction

and a dance

The lights went off but a

genset gave us a chance

A good time, again, was had by

young, old and all

Giving to those who without,

may stumble and fall


~ Thank you, Barb and Paul Morris ~

With good people like you, communities grow strong.


~ Blake Munce, River’s Day, Sept. 29, 2013 ~