A thump in the night

A thump in the night

The other night started out like most, with dreams and a few nice warm blankets in our house. The middle of the night however was a different story. We were rudely awakened by loud thumping noises. What the h-e-double toothpicks!

I swear it kinda sounded like we had bears or something up in our attic! Holy cow!

After waking up a bit more we could not totally place where the thumping was coming from. A look in the backyard saw a deer munching on the nearest tree, but that was obviously not it.

My hubby looked out the side window on the nearby door, and couldn’t see anything. It was pretty dark.

We still heard a lot of noise, so we decided to check some more. We opened that door and turned on the light out there.

Lo and behold there were deer out there, too! The rascals were eating the clematis plant that was on a nice lattice connected to our side wall. That lattice was thumping against the wall and making all the racket!


They sure didn’t seem scared to see us either!

Well, we headed back to sleep and figured so long as they toned down the noise we could get some more rest.

It did work, yay, since there is nothing worse than being overtired. Right?

When I woke in the morning, I had some interesting thoughts….if it were a few days down the road, would I be thinking the deer might be pulling a sleigh……and actually up there on the roof?

Who knows?

Maybe they will visit again?

I may not be as upset next time I hear a thump in the night…