A warm welcome to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


To the editor;

What a warm welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received in Ottawa on Canada’s birthday amidst the wall-to-wall holiday happiness.

But there was something missing in the plot line about the handsome prince and his beautiful princess meeting throngs of adoring fans. The story needed a spot of dramatic tension to keep the world media in a tizzy. The story needed a villain, or better yet a gang of villains.

Ah yes, we can always count on someone from Quebec to inject a little drama into Canadian affairs. Cue the vociferous villains to boo and jeer William and Kate in Montreal. Well done! Now the hordes of royal supporters have good reason to cheer even louder. And the media minstrels have a new sub-plot to expound upon.

By the way, Prince William and Princess Kate are expected to live happily ever after. Everybody knows that’s how a really good fairytale ends.

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.