Animal care will only improve if people take action

To the editor;

I have been involved with animal work/rescue, etc., for more than 25 years. I am still connected to it, but my advanced age is setting limits on what I can do.

In regard to the 100 murdered sled dogs. I fear nothing has changed in all the time I have worked with like-minded people to improve life for those ‘who can not speak for themselves’, except of course  in hundreds of separate interventions, but not in a comprehensive decisive effort by those who are able to make this difference.  Nothing will change until those in our society who have the power, the will, and the opportunity to regulate the commercial use of primarily dogs, do so.

What about strict business regulations for breeders – and for those businesses like sled dog tourist ventures?  Why do they not have to present a business plan that includes every aspect of this kind of enterprise?

No, the SPCA cannot be held responsible for what has happened – we are all inclined to make others responsible for our problems.  

Sled dogs DO NOT MAKE PETS – I know  – unless they have been brought up as companion animals. However, those 100 dogs could have been placed in appropriate homes, such as with other dog sledders – the good ones that is.

Our society has a huge population that sees animals only as useful, money making ITEMS. Until those people are stopped from operating their disgusting businesses like puppy pills and improperly operated dog sledding, there will be repeated public outcries – but nothing will change.

Why do humans think that their play and pleasure at the cost of animals is a right?

I am sad and feeling hopeless about the future of our companion animals – but perhaps if enough caring people will continue to press for government regulations in cases like this something will eventually change for the better.

Elli Kohnert

Barrriere, B.C.