Apprenticeship for Early Childhood Educator

To Barriere families; Apprenticeship for Early Childhood Educator

To Barriere families;

As a representative of the Early Childhood Development Programming provided by Yellowhead Community Services in the communities of the North Thompson, I would like to extend my appreciation to those families who have been incredibly supportive of the work that we do.

We are so proud of the success of the Little Stars Preschool and are thrilled to see it being used so enthusiastically by families.

At this time, we are advertising for our preschool teacher position.  It is important for the longevity and continuity of the program to employ a preschool teacher living in Barriere.  As much as our current preschool teacher loves the children, families, and program, it was always her intention to be there for a short-term basis in order to ensure the program continued until we could fill the position permanently.

Due to the shortage of trained Early Childhood Educators in the area, we have made the decision to post the position again as an apprenticeship.  We are looking for someone who will be committed to our program and the community for the long term.  The successful candidate will train under our current preschool teacher and be provided with early childhood education training in order to begin working independently in the New Year.  By doing this, we will have to change our license with Interior Health and possibly change the name of the program to “Playschool” instead of “Preschool” for licensing purposes, but we can assure you that the content of our program will remain the same.  We are committed to continue providing the best possible programming and care for the children of Barriere and look forward to hearing from potential candidates in your community.

Heather Adamson

Coordinator, Early Childhood Development Programs

Yellowhead Community Services