Are we asking the right questions?

It is the taxpayers time to start asking questions about zoning bylaws in Barriere

To the editor;

Keep it simple stupid, or better is keep it simple for stupid – stupid being the public – but you know the public is not stupid.  They are smart like a Fox and if allowed, the Bad Fox will get in the Hen house.  The Hen house is the District of Barriere, that will cost us the taxpayer dollars in the way of unexpected law suit expenses.

Now the District opinion seems to think we are all stupid, but let the Stupid Fox stand up and speak.

The public are ignorant, in the true sense of the dictionary word of being unknowledgeable.

So we vote, that vote hires in personal, that is to have the knowledge we do not have and as the Voted In and the Employer we have a right to ask questions, to our Voted In Mayor and Council and of OUR employees.  Reasonably.

You are a taxpayer right?

So here is a question to the Ignorant.  Are we asking the right questions?

A simple question of how does this proposed zoning bylaw effect me? Pretty generic.  Most ignorant persons, have not asked the right question, so of course, they will not receive the right answer.

They will get a generic answer back, making them satisfied and happy.  Leaving them still ignorant.   They will realize at some point in the near or far future that they asked the wrong question.  And now it is too late.  You are stuck with what you got.

Now, not a simple thing for you, now falling in the true sense of the word stupid,  to reverse the process that will effect you, that will take time and your knowledge.  After all, you the stupid didn’t ask the right question at the time the proposal was on the table, and will have been passed and adopted.

Now is the time to ask the right questions.  Put them in writing.  Give them your name and address.  They will then have to reply to you in writing.

Don’t forget to mention that you would like an answer by a specific reasonable date in the future.  Mail it in or hand deliver to the District.  Keep a copy for your records.

That answer may open more questions, same process again, or come and get involved.

Call the District, express your concerns with letters to the editor, The Bear Radio comments call in,  get together with friends and neighbors and compile your inquiries as a group.

I am doing my process as a very concerned Stupid of the Community, but I am getting my eyes opened in the process.

I am getting answers, and some of the answers are noted and have invoked some changes to the proposal.

But we have a long way to go, and if the Public doesn’t get involved then this will be done and over with in short order, with all the errors and omissions, in print.

Let’s play Stub the Chump and see how many real answers we get back in truth and in knowledge.  Knowledge is success!

Kathy Campbell