B.C. has the resources for cleaner gasoline alternatives

To the editor;

When will the high price of gasoline we’re continuing to see in B.C. finally motivate a switch to cleaner, less-expensive alternatives?

In the province’s urban areas, plug-in electric vehicles could easily replace a significant number of vehicles now powered by gasoline.  And in rural areas, B.C.’s abundance of low-cost natural gas could potentially make a similar dent.

We have the clean energy sources right here in this province to greatly reduce our transportation based carbon output and insulate ourselves to a much greater degree than we have from the economic impacts of high oil prices.

We’re never going to completely eradicate the need for oil and gasoline, but we have the resources right here in B.C. to greatly reduce our dependence.

The only real question is at what point will the price we pay at the pump finally motivate us to make the switch?

Michael McBratney

Received by email