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B.C. needs to be proactive not reactive

To the editor;

BC Wildfires have been taking place for years. In the past few with increased regularity.

The culmination of climate change, dead pine beetle forests, poor forest practices or lack of effective management have made for the perfect storm of wildfires.

Forest fire fighting has essentially been the same since the “Smoky the Bear” campaign in the 1950’s. Manage non-interface fires and deal with issues as they arise. With current conditions all fires need to be addressed while in the incipient stage, rapid response teams need to be tasked as soon as possible.

The current practice of “managing” wildfires, remote or not has been a dismal failure. The fires are allowed to spread until too unwieldy to manage.

We need to become proactive not reactive. The current B.C. fleet of 20 air tankers needs to increase, crew and aircraft need to be stationed throughout B.C.

Forest companies have recently enjoyed record profits due to high lumber prices. They need to contribute funds to fire prevention resources.

The wildfire crews are doing an amazing job, they need a more streamlined deployment model.

Forests need management. Real management, not just stumpage fees.

Gerd Peters

Langley, B.C.



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