Barriere Hospice volunteer shares an experience

Barriere Hospice volunteer shares an experience with a client and recommends being a Hospice volunteer

To the editor;

So, my old friend has sold her place and is moving away.  Too far to visit each week and I will miss her.

I have only known her a couple of years but if feels like longer.  Thirty years in age difference, but some of the same life experiences, expectations.

We have shared family histories, laughs and sorrows.  We both grew up where when you visit, you visit.  Face to face, you see each other’s expressions.  When company came over, you played games and spent time.  No checking phones, IPods; people were present.  And now, she is moving away and I will miss her.

She’s in her 80’s and still in charge of her own life, making her own decisions.  I am proud of her and hope I will have the same abilities when I am in my 80’s.

She is a spark that can still light a fire.  A very strong woman; she just needed a hand and Barriere Hospice Society was there to help.

If you are not a volunteer; you are missing out, more than I can express.


Anonymous by request