Barriere resident thanks local contractor

Thought they would be facing a nightmare scenario involving homes plumbing

To the editor;

I want to tell you of an experience we recently had with our plumbing.

After many years of washing bits of plate scrapings, garden dirt and maybe a few toothpicks or drinking straws down the kitchen sink, we had a plugged drain.  This problem did not respond at all to draino, a plunger or even a drain snake.

There wasn’t a plumber in the Kamloops yellow pages that had the time or equipment to help us.

We thought we were facing a nightmare, having to dig up our front yard to put in a new pipe.  But a conversation with Paul Morris saved us the trouble.

The Quality Contractors crew were at work in my yard right away.  With no damage to my kitchen and only a small hole in my front yard.

Paul, Jack and Tim had my water running and my drains flowing freely again in just a few short hours.

I always thought I had to go to Kamloops for help with such problems;  it is very good to know we have people right here in our town of Barriere that can handle these things for us.  I hope they know how much we appreciate the help they gave us.

Jim and Shelley Harper

Barriere, B.C.