Barriere Stretching Club provides an update

Everyone is welcome and the sessions are free at the Ridge on Tuesday evenings, 6 p.m.

To the editor;

The stretching classes wanted to give you an update on the first two classes held at the Ridge in Barriere, on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m.

The classes are averaging about 15 people and introduce the techniques of stretching.  Part of this technique is relaxing and deep breathing, stretching the lungs while calming the mind.

The participants are excited about a class that will be held regularly and is a personal time to calm down and take more control over one’s hectic lifestyle.  The classes are intended to show that in a half hour we can stretch the overall body.  It is like cross-stretching, as we move gently from one stretch to the next.

Many people comment on the comparison to yoga.  However, we would like to emphasize this is modern stretching for athletic performance, whereas yoga was developed a long time ago for reasons likely different than today.  Because of our fast paced lifestyles we can stretch quickly while using the intellect to get the best holistic results.

The classes will slowly introduce strength training exercises along with stretching as they complement each other.  All exercises are designed without props of any kind therefore you can do these exercises daily wherever you are.

Everyone is welcome and the sessions are free.

Dean Goddard

Barriere, B.C.