Barriere voter questions comments made by mayor

letter to the editor from Ron Smith, Barriere - Barriere voter questions comments made by mayor

To the editor;

Once again the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.  However, Mr. Mayor you would be amazed at the number of people who agreed with my opinion (June 6, 2013, issue of the Star/Journal).

Mr. Mayor, do you truly believe that Barriere’s dedicated winning teams make decisions without debate,  and at times heated arguments?

Your column, (June 20, issue of the Star/Journal) inferred that council could not work like a team because they had to make difficult decisions and they may not all agree – guess what, that is how teams work.

The most important part of a team however, is once the decision is made everyone works together, even if they did not all agree, and they don’t publicly take cheap shots at each other, staff, or other members of the community.

You made it very clear in your last article exactly what you have in mind.  After all your cheap shots at council and staff, you have written that in another district the new council was sworn in and the existing staff was fired.

I assume this is a warning to the staff in the district (it is hard to imagine how staff must feel) as it appears this is what you would like to see.  I don’t think so Mr. Mayor!

I am quite sure the people of Barriere will explain this to you in November 2014.

Ron Smith