Barriere Walk For Memories Jan. 27

Investor's Group Walk For Memories raises funds for Alzheimer's research

To the editor;

This year the Walk for Memories will be held on January 27, starting from the Barriere Senior’s Hall.  For more information contact me at 250-672-9337, or go online to

The following is a poem written by Shirley Pilcher, about a friend affected by Alzheimer’s.

Liz Gilbertson,

Barriere’s Alzheimer’s Investors Group Walk

For Memories


My Dear Friend

My dear friend has Alzheimer’s and now we’re both old timers.

It seems so very sad to me ‘cause I remember how it used to be.

She tries so hard to remember it all,

You can see when her memory does recall some wonderful thing from days gone by, the things we did, she and I.

We were both so young and free, we partied, danced and laughed happily.

Years ago when she was a teen, she really was a beauty queen.

When she played the piano we had to jive, the community hall just came alive.

My brother was her escort, they really did look good.

I’d turn the clock back to that day, oh how I wish I could.

Now most often her thoughts are in a haze,

She doesn’t remember much from the good old days.

She’s confused, but very aware that her memory at times just isn’t there.

We thought our life would always be a lark, but her lovely eyes have now lost their spark.

I love her dearly and do what I can, but often think and wonder when I’ll lose her forever; sad day it will be,

When my dear friend really does leave me.

By Shirley Pilcher, 2011