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Be true to you, living an authentic life

True humility is accepting your inner guidance

If you want to live your authentic life, you have to let go of worrying about others judging you. People will always be ready to comment or criticize you for doing something you’ve never done before and this, unfortunately, keeps many people from doing what they truly long to do, deep inside.

When your inner voice is nudging you to do something that those around you might feel is too risky, not practical, foolish or just plain wrong, will you do it anyway? Who do you trust more, them or your inner guidance?

What if it’s not even something they consider wrong but simply something they aren’t used to seeing you do? What if you felt called, for example, to become a reiki practitioner but those closest to you laughed at you for thinking you could? Or maybe just a subtle, “Really… you?” is enough to shut you down.

Perhaps you want to take singing lessons or live abroad for a while, but no one in your family has ever done that. Have you been thinking about writing a book? Living authentically means following your inner promptings despite the potential judgment of others, and that takes courage.

A Course in Miracles says that we are all meant to shine because in doing so we are allowing God to shine through us. Playing small is not an act of humility but actually of fear. Many people are more comfortable hiding in the sidelines and judging those who dare to show themselves. Did you know that the number one phobia worldwide is public speaking? Not death, as one might think, but speaking in front of an audience.

Think about that. Why should public speaking be so terrifying? I think it’s because we expect others to look for fault and pick us apart while we’re up there, exposed. And the truth is, many of them do! But it’s not because there’s anything wrong with you. It’s because they’re afraid to do what you’re daring to do. We often criticize people for doing things that we wish we could do, but don’t allow ourselves to. Some may think it’s arrogant or conceited to put yourself out there, but often the opposite is true.

True humility is accepting your inner guidance even if it forces you beyond your comfort zone. It’s your ego that wants you to believe that you’re not good enough. True humility is allowing God to shine through you and knowing that it’s not about you; not letting it feed your ego. When you’re more interested in being true to yourself than getting approval from others, you’re on the right track. When you are able to do what you feel is right for you, knowing that others will judge you and not letting it stop you, you’re living authentically.