Bill C-10, tough on more than criminals

There is a terrible ‘Crime Bill’- C-10, being pushed through Parliament

To the editor;

Friends: There is a terrible ‘Crime Bill’- C-10, being pushed through Parliament – and you need to know that even the president of the Canadian Bar Association has stated, “This bill will do nothing to improve that state of affairs but, through its overreach and overreaction to imaginary problems, Bill C-10 could easily make it worse.  It could eventually create the very problems it’s supposed to solve”.

This type of heavy handedness has failed in other countries, and at great expense, both to the people and to the nation’s pocket book.

When a sentence is ‘mandatory’ – gosh – it is like when women try to get into those ‘one size fits all’ panty hose – it just doesn’t work!

The money spent on building jails and hiring people to guard, clean, maintain and take care of all those ‘criminals’ takes away the money out of the areas of prevention, education, health care, your Canadian pensions and you guessed it – it is not tough on crime.

Rather it is tough on anyone suffering from mental illness or an addiction or even those that are living on the edge of poverty. Youth will get worst punishments, and yes, more of the Aboriginal population will be put in prison.

We need a safer Canada – not a meaner one.

Why not use this money to reduce crime by addressing the causes of crimes.

May we suggest that by reducing inequality and supporting people who need help, the crimes will just sort of fade away.

Please take a moment to educate yourself – and perhaps do like I did and write to Cathy McLeod and ask her to vote NO to this Bill.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Thomas