Blizzard uranium claim update

blizzard uranium claim

To the editor;

Our current actions could bring changes to our planet that have never been seen throughout recorded history. I would like to bring an important issue to your attention and ask for your help.

For at least 30 years ‘prospectors’ have had their sights on B.C.’s rich supply of uranium. I live in the Kettle Valley watershed, which could very likely become the location of B.C.’s first uranium mine. If Boss Power Corporation succeeds in its court battle against the province of British Columbia regarding the Blizzard claim; it will be one more nail in our proverbial nuclear casket.

The Blizzard claim was a uranium exploration site in late 1970s. Another was the well know claim near Birch Island. As the local residents and the people of B.C. learned more about the risks, resistance grew rapidly. The protests became so inflamed that Premier Bill Bennett enacted a seven-year moratorium on the exploration of uranium and thorium on Feb. 27, 1980.

By 2006 the moratorium had lapsed, pages of regulations had been stripped from the Mineral Tenures Act, the price of uranium had risen steadily and the malignancy that is the Blizzard claim began to metastasize.

Residents of the Kettle Valley and B.C. spent the next couple of years expressing their concerns about the health and safety of their watersheds and themselves, while continuously voicing their unwavering opposition to uranium exploration, but the threat is not over yet.

If you have a moment to write a brief statement about your views on B.C.’s nuclear future, it can be used as evidence in a trial upcoming on Oct. 3.

If you have internet/email the easiest way is to write your statement in the body of your email and send it to or call me directly at 250-446-2156.

You can join the Facebook group boss.vs.bc and post your statement there or you could tweet boss.vs.bc on twitter. My address is Erika Tafel, Box 28, Rock Creek, B.C. V0H 1Y0

Canada’s mining laws are archaic and obsolete. Please help.

Erika Tafel

Rock Creek, B.C.