Buy a ticket for splash in the past

letter to the editor from Tasha Buchannan - Buy a ticket for splash in the past

To the editor;

Okay, the weather seems to be hinting at throwing around the “s” word with all the frost we see on our car windows in the morning lately.  So what better time to sit back and daydream about the return of summer?  Close your eyes…wait, maybe not because then you can’t read this…okay, pretend to close your eyes but don’t. Work with me here.

Okay, picture this:  It’s a hot summer day in our lovely town of Barriere.  What to do to escape the heat that has been raging on for weeks?  Previous summers you may have cranked the A/C at a premium in the mid-afternoon, ran to the grocery store, dug through storage to find that musty smelling cooler, packed it with snacks, headed to the lake or to Kamloops to find water.  Which is a lovely plan.

However, all the time? Every weekend? What about the evenings after work that are still blistering?

For me, packing up the kids to head to the river or to one of their many splash pads, waterslides or outdoor pools is fine once in a while, sure.  But even the free use excursions such as the river or the splash pads wind up costing me quite a bit of money once I haul the kids in there for the day.  The price of gas, the inevitable and unnecessary stops to Wal-Mart, restaurants, or what have you always hurt the pocket book even with the best intentions. I mean, let’s be real here.  And I love our area lakes. They are truly gems. But if I’m being honest, sometimes they’re just too cold, or more work to get there than I have time for, or I can’t relax myself because of the small children in my care not able to just enjoy the water at their leisure. Plus, if I can’t spend the whole day there, it just seems like too much work to head up there for only an hour.

But what if, right in the central part of Barriere, beside three playgrounds, near washrooms, grocery store and other amenities, there was a splash pad?

You could sit down on one of the many benches either in the shade, or in the sunshine while you treated yourself to cooling your bare feet in one of the blissful water bubblers beside the bench while listening to your children or your grandchildren laughing and playing in the water.  You’ve brought a book, a cool drink, snacks and enjoy a fun filled day (or even just a half hour) not far from home.  Maybe some friends from Clearwater have stopped in on the way back from their appointments in Kamloops for dinner at the restaurant and a cool down before heading home.  You could stroll through the story boards learning the history of the valley and how Barriere came to be 100 years later.  Ahh… yes. Sign me up please.

By now, you probably have heard that the Barriere 100th Anniversary Committee is continuing its fundraising efforts in order to make the above come to fruition.  Last month’s Apple Pie Making Fundraiser was a lot of work but so much fun! And over $2,100 was raised!

To wrap up 2013’s fundraising efforts for the project, a traditional raffle has been organized.  Get this: The Royal Canadian Legion here in Barriere has donated a brand new 46” LED Flat Screen TV as a prize for the raffle!  The Legion’s President and Barriere’s current “Citizen of the Year”, Al Fortin, certainly lived up to that title by taking the time out of his private schedule to secure this lovely prize and deliver it to the Committee.

Also up for grabs is an incredible print by local artist Marie Downing. If you haven’t seen her work before (Gasp! You’re missing out!) you can check it out at the Armour Mountain Art Gallery (near the Knights Inn).  But wait there’s more!  How about two, two hour horseback riding experiences from Tod Mountain Ranch? Or a one night stay at the Sandman Inn & Suites Kamloops, paired with two home game Blazers hockey tickets.  And if that’s not enough, there is also an outstanding handmade quilt donated by the Barriere Community Quilters waiting to keep some lucky family warm.

That’s five quality prizes right there folks. Tickets are only $2 each, and the draw will be held during the late night shopping evening in Barriere on Dec. 12, 2013, at 7 p.m. within AG Foods.

So make sure to keep your wallets, purses, pockets, shoes, socks and fanny packs filled with twoonies (or hey, hundred dollar bills work too) to be able to grab your tickets; your chances to win one of these fantastic prizes as well as to help secure a cool, splash in the past, asset for our home.

Tasha Buchanan

100th Anniversary Committee Co-Chair


Barriere, B.C.