Caravan club visit to the museum

Letter to the Editor by Fran Wagstaff - Caravan club visit to the museum

To the editor;

On Sept. 2 a group called B.C. Unit of Small Towns Caravan Club International arrived at the Barriere Museum by appointment. The club was made up of eight people from California, four from Langley, four from White Rock and two from Surrey.  They heard about the museum from Ann Catton from Port Moody, who is Donna Chivers’ (from Barriere) half sister.

We opened the doors, gave them a tour and then a lunch of sandwiches, lemon squares, dream cake, butter tart squares and coconut jam square with Donna Chivers and Fan Wagstaff doing the lunch. Inez Fabehl served the tea while Donna looked after the coffee pot.  They were amazed at the displays we have and enjoyed themselves totally.

At the end of lunch the gave a donation, thanked us very much and headed north.  I told them about the Fall Fair but they couldn’t stay.

A very nice group of people. Their praise made us feel that all our handwork is paying off.

We had 126 visitors this summer, hopefully more next year.

Most of the artifacts on display have been donated by Barriere and area residents. One display that really got the men’s attention is the steam engine donated by Walter and Ken Schilling of Darfield. The ladies were impressed with our old fashioned kitchen and parlour.

We hope these people come back again and bring their friends. They made us feel very proud of our museum.

Fran Wagstaff, president

North Thompson Heritage Society