Caribou and chocolate lilies need preserving

Advocate for a small patch of rare and unusual chocolate lilies close to Barriere

The rare chocolate lily.

The rare chocolate lily.

To the editor;

I applaud Mary McLennan’s letter of Feb. 5, regarding woodland caribou.

One of my fondest memories is hiking up to Pat’s Pass in Grizzly Den/Raven Lake recreation area (north end of Cariboo mountains) in time to see a small herd of woodland caribou disappear over the pass.

However, I was shocked when I realized who the  author of this letter was.

Mary! Was it not you who ridiculed me at a public meeting a few years ago regarding my advocating the preservation of a small patch of rare and unusual chocolate lilies (Fritillaria lanceolata) adjacent to the old parking lot at Barriere Forks Regional Park?

We all know the bug-killed wood in the park needed to be removed. But surely one small patch of rare wildflowers was worth preserving?

Where have all the  flowers gone?

Bev Henry

Barriere, B.C.