Cat dumping not acceptable

Shame on the person who dumped these kittens instead of seeking another option

To the editor;

On September 1, or thereabouts, a cowardly individual dumped two beautiful, female kittens on Agate Bay Road.  A traveler had stopped on the side of the road to retrieve something out of the back of his truck and these poor kittens came to him from out of the bush hoping for rescue.

We were just heading out to town and the traveler flagged us to stop.  He was not local and not in any position to deal with the kittens so we took them back to our barn for food and water.

It soon became evident that the kittens were not comfortable with barn life and the company of our resident cats so they now live on our back porch although they would much prefer to be in the house.

We have spread the word amongst friends and neighbors hoping to find a good, forever home for the little girls but no one has stepped up yet.

I had put up a poster in AG Foods – twice – only to have it removed very quickly.  I’d like to be optimistic about this, thinking that a couple of people might not have had a pen in their pocket, with which they could write down my phone number, so they took the posters and then forgot to call.

The pessimistic, realistic side of me strongly believes that the previous owner of these kittens does not want their disgusting deed known to the community and insists on trying to hide the evidence.

You see, I put a photo of these kittens on my poster hoping to entice a nice person to adopt them.  I also clearly stated on the poster that the kittens had been dumped.

It does seem that my marketing skills are lacking but I am very clear on right and wrong and the blunt truth.

My message to the person who dumped these kittens is that your act is shameful and I hope your conscience painfully jabs you for some time to come.

To anyone else contemplating a similar act – please do the responsible, adult thing and contact a veterinarian or the SPCA.

These kittens have regained their weight, are happy, playful, and very affectionate.  If there is a responsible person out there willing to provide a permanent home to these kittens, please call me at 250-672-1810.

Respectfully submitted by,

Deena Meadors

Louis Creek