(Pause For Thought)

Channels of God’s Love

Pause for Thought column

Jesus often went to the hills and fields to pray, holding sweet communion with His Father. Much of His teaching was out in nature, away from the noisy confusion of the city. The crowds that came to hear Him were too large for the synagogue to hold, but more than that, He used scenes of nature to illustrate important spiritual truths to the people.

It was in such a setting that Jesus called His disciples to come for training before He sent them out. As the 12 patriarchs of the Old Testament stood as representatives of Israel, so the 12 disciples were to be the first representatives of the gospel church, workers with God for the saving of the world.

Jesus’ disciples were of all kinds of dispositions — outspoken bold Peter; James and John, called “sons of thunder;” unbelieving Philip; earnest, trusting Nathanael; and the selfish, greedy Judas, who invited himself into the group, hoping to gain honor and prestige when Christ would, as he thought, set up His kingdom.

Jesus patiently taught them all, by word and example, the principles and methods of His kingdom of love and truth—not worldly grandeur. All the disciples responded to His teaching except Judas, who later betrayed Him.

These apostles, with different faults, and inherited tendencies were brought together. In and through Christ they were learning to become one in faith, doctrine, and spirit, ready to go out in power to teach others of God’s love, and Jesus’ remedy to rescue humanity from sin and its deadly consequences.

He who called the fishermen of Galilee is calling us today, inviting us to be healed from sinful ways, ready for partnership with Himself, that under divine instruction, and uniting with Him, we may be the channels of God’s love.


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