Community buy-in for Agriplex phenomenal

North Thompson Agriplex, Barriere

When the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association (NTFFRA) held a planning meeting five years ago to map the future of their Association they created a time line that took them well into that future.  Part of that time line included where the organization wanted to be in five years, and what improvements to their fairground property in Barriere should be planned for.  One of those improvements was to erect a large building that could not only house youth and 4H events, and agricultural events, but also one that could also serve as a multi-use facility.

On March 14, of this year the NTFFRA publicly announced their intention to launch the North Thompson Agriplex project.  They then formed the North Thompson Agriplex Project Committee, who immediately started a fundraising campaign towards construction of the building.

Since then, generous supporters have stepped forward with their cheque books in hand – to date raising $450,000 in cash; with in-kind donations almost reaching $100,000.    The positive enthusiasm for the project has been phenomenal.  Supporters from all walks of life; businesses, seniors, 4-H, schools, sports groups, associations and service groups, the list goes on.  The Thompson Nicola Regional District, Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust, and Southern Interior Beetle Action Committee have also lent their support in the form of economic development grants.

While fundraising continues, the Agriplex Committee has not sat idle when it comes to the actual erection of the building.  Through their dedication, commitment, and amazing ability to network and get things done – that is exactly what has taken place.  The Agriplex is already standing; and although a long way from finished, phase one is now almost complete.   The Agriplex will be ready to use for 4H competitions for the first time during the Fall Fair this Labour Day weekend; and it will also be utilized by the 73rd Annual Provincial Winter Fair’s 4H show and sale, which will be held here Sept. 23 to 26.

It has been just over five-and-a-half months since that first meeting – and the 30,000 sq. ft. Agriplex is now standing!

Amazing, phenomenal, and unequivocally something everyone involved (in al manners) can be very proud of!

The Agriplex is a lesson in community spirit, vision, cooperation, and dedication.  It has been constructed by those who care about where they live and where their children will grow up and raise their own families.

Make sure you attend the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo this coming weekend; visit the North Thompson Agriplex, and see why this project has garnered so much support.

The extraordinary community buy-in that has taken place in building the North Thompson Agriplex is a statement not soon to be forgotten.