Community Foundation empowering the valley for years to come

2015 Granting Cycle through the North Thompson Communities Foundation currently accepting applications

To the editor;

Here is a “good news” story that deserves sharing with our valley. It is about how one person performing a selfless act can have a ripple effect that becomes something lasting and substantial.  It begins with one local community member who thoughtfully chose to support the North Thompson Communities Foundation through TELUS, her employer.

By having a wee bit taken off her pay cheque each month and designated to the NT Communities Foundation as the recipient, TELUS  also ‘matched’ this amount and sent it to the Foundation. (I understand that both present and past employees of TELUS have this option). Wow, what a great way for both corporations and their employees to create a lasting legacy for the community where they live and work in.

Wait, this story continues. The North Thompson Communities Foundation is also offering a ‘matching‘ option for endowment funds received, for every dollar she donated, it has become four dollars toward the Smart and Caring Endowment Fund.

And it continues on and on; as Community Foundations do not spend these funds, only the interest earned on the invested funds is granted back to not-for-profit organizations locally, here in our valley, to do worthwhile projects.

Thank you to TELUS and their employee, Diana, for ‘empowering’ our valley for years to come (the ripple continues).

Watch this newspaper,or check out our website for advertising about the 2015 Granting Cycle offered through the North Thompson Communities Foundation.  We are accepting applications till the end of March.

Cheryl Thomas, 2015 Chairperson

North Thompson Communities Foundation