Concern over Clearwater roundabout

letter to the editor from concerned citizen DC Miller, Louis Creek - Concern over Clearwater roundabout

To the editor;

Congratulations to Terry Lake on election day.  Seasoned workers are usually the best.

Unfortunately, the Clearwater round-about is a stupid decision, ICBC and the DOT should know better.

Clearwater deserves better, keep families safe.  Truckers from the coast or from the huge industrial area from the north do not want to be slowed, time is money. Be progressive, you have the opportunity, leave rights of way for four lanes. Enhance the frontage roads and install an overpass.

The coast seems to love them, why can’t we.  Remember, this is a major arterial highway – blockage in the middle is senseless, keep the traffic flowing.

Concerned Citizen

DC Miller

Louis Creek, B.C.