Councillor Smith addresses letter writer’s concerns

Councillor Smith addresses letter writer’s concerns

To the editor;

I am not writing on behalf of Council, but I would like to address some of D. Johnston’s concerns regarding lack of involvement by Mayor and Council in the Toy Run.

I personally did not participate in the Toy Run this year as I was out of town, however, every other year I have cheered on the riders. I also regularly contribute to the Food Bank, not just for this event.  As a former director of the Food Bank, I understand the importance of this service to our community.

Regarding the fact that Mayor and Council did not show up at the Food Bank to welcome the riders etc.: without an invitation to participate in an official capacity at an event we are attendees just like every other member of the community. When an invitation is sent to Council, it is included in our Agenda package and if the Mayor is unable to attend the Acting Mayor is asked, and if that person cannot attend, then the rest of Council is asked and usually someone on Council will be available to attend in an official capacity.

However, for this to occur we need to be invited,  otherwise all we can do is cheer on the riders and like every other citizen in the community do our best to support the event.

Invite us and we will come!

Virginia Smith


District of Barriere