Cowardly cat dumping

This ginger striped kitten and its mother were dumped on an out-of-the-way rural road.

This ginger striped kitten and its mother were dumped on an out-of-the-way rural road.

To the editor;

When it comes to the cowards that dump poor, defenceless creatures off in the middle of nowhere, my blood boils. It saddens me to think there are such callous and uncaring human beings out there. It causes me to shake my head in amazement at these inhumane acts and I wonder just what kind of people they actually are.

What goes through their pea brain minds as they callously leave behind a former pet to fend for themselves?

Do they hope or even care if the animal finds a safe haven or does their responsibility end as they drive off?

Do they worry that they may be killed and eaten by the dozens of coyotes in the area, or snatched up by an owl or hawk?

Do they care if the poor frightened and confused animal has food or water? I can only assume they do not.

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 31st, a white truck with Alberta plates slowly drove past our house. A few minutes later it sped back down the windy, gravel road, rocks flying everywhere as they made their getaway, hoping I’m sure that we couldn’t see their license plate.

At first thought, maybe a weary traveller was just looking for a private spot for a break;  by the next day we knew we were wrong and realized what they were actually doing – dumping a mother cat and her still suckling kitten! COWARDS!

Fortunately for Momma cat and her offspring they found a warm, dry spot under our old house as a refuge. Fortunate too, even though we no longer have cats, we happened to have several cans of cat food and a bag of dry food on hand. The poor things were so hungry and shaking uncontrollably when we finally discovered them on April Fool’s Day.

What possesses people to drop their responsibilities on to someone else’s shoulders?

It just boggles my mind how cruel, uncaring and cowardly some of us can be – so sad.

Momma cat is an absolute love, so friendly and a veritable ‘purr’ ball. Her young son (temporarily named “Jester” in honour of April Fool’s Day) still has blue eyes and looks to be six+ weeks old.

They are both in need of a home a.s.a.p. as we cannot keep either of them.

Please, if you can give them a home or know someone who can, please contact me at 250-672-0089 further information.

Sign me “ticked off at uncaring cowards”

McLure, B.C.