Customer service sadly lacking

To the editor;

Last month my wife and I took a small appliance for repair to a shop on Kamloops North Shore. We were able to pick it up again the same afternoon, and returned home.

The next morning when I went to use the appliance I discovered that it was not mine, although similar in brand, make, and colour. We returned that morning to the store to explain the mistake and to pick up our own appliance. But on arrival the clerk told me the appliance in question was in fact mine, and that they had no other appliances like this one in for repair. When I argued the point about the differences in the equipment from the original appliance I had brought in; they didn’t want to listen to what I had to say.

In my opinion their customer service was very poor, and I left feeling terrible with no recourse open to me. The item they claimed was mine is certainly similar in type and value; but as we all know, when you own something you use frequently for a number of years it certainly has markings, dents, etc., that make it distinguishable as yours.

The item I now have is a stranger. It works just fine but I know it is not mine.

I want businesses to be aware that good customer service is what creates repeat business; and that word of mouth should be the best recommendation for any establishment.

Some businesses certainly need to rethink their approach when dealing with customers.

Just sign me,

A disappointed senior

and North Thompson Valley resident