Defending public health care from private insurance threat

Private insurance companies don’t get to decide who gets basic health care coverage

To the editor;

This month in New Brunswick a private insurance company denied a nine-year-old boy extended health coverage because of his “build.”

Fortunately in Canada, private insurance companies don’t get to decide who gets basic health care coverage.

Everyone is covered by public insurance — regardless of age, health standing or income — and can get necessary care.

Cambie Surgeries CEO Brian Day wants to change that.

He’s leading a lawsuit against our public health-care system in an effort to bring U.S.-style care to Canada.

If Day wins, private insurance companies will be allowed to offer coverage — and deny it — for necessary care in Canada.

The N.B. nine-year-old’s mother, Josée Doiron, says she’s now worried about the cost of dental work and glasses for her son.

That’s bad enough. Imagine if she also had to worry about paying for basic care — like visits to the doctor, or the emergency room.

That isn’t what we want for Canada.

The BC Health Coalition is intervening in the Cambie lawsuit trial this September because we don’t want predatory insurance companies making decisions about who gets health care.

We’ll be doing everything we can to defend care for all, not just a privileged few. Join us at

Edith MacHattie

BC Health Coalition co-chair