Doolangers make comment on post office rocks

Some of you well remember the tales about the Doolangers from Roc Valley that Ellen Fennell wrote

To the editor;

Some of you well remember the tales about the Doolangers from Roc Valley that Ellen Fennell wrote, and were published in the Barriere newspaper.  These tales ended when my mom died in 1987, but the Doolangers resurfaced the other day, and I just happened to witness the whole thing.

I was just about to leave the Post Office, then the Doolangers arrived in their 1938 Ford truck.  With loud pops, bangs and a strange pinging sound, and surrounded by a cloud of thick exhaust smoke, Dipsey headed for the curb towards his favourite parking place with the nice blue sign.  All of a sudden, Dipsey hit the brakes nearly putting both of them through the windshield.

“Well hot darn, Dolly, look at that big hunk of Fennell Green Stone.  Now aint that just darn right decorative?”

Dolly took one look and exclaimed loudly, “But it’s in our favourite parking spot, and the nice blue sign has been moved.”

With a quick yank on the truck door, Dipsey exclaimed, “I have to check this here rock to see if it really is Fennell Green Stone.”

Dolly waited in the truck as Dipsey walked all around the rock, stopping a few times to lick it.  This made people stare, and Dolly to hide behind her purse.

Finally Dipsey climbed back into the truck and to Dolly’s “Well?”, he said “It aint Fennell Green Stone.”

“Then what is it?”, asked Dolly.

“Well”, said Dipsey, “it’s good old Leaverright,  and that’s what they shoulda done with that thing. Leaverright where they found it. Hee, hee, hee.”

“Okay Dipsey, let’s go home.”

And off they went, heading for Roc Valley at the top speed of 12mph, pops, bangs, a strange pinging sound and a thick cloud of exhaust smoke.

Fran Wagstaff


*Editors note:  Fran says there really is a Fennell Green Stone; it was named after George Fennell and you can find it on Green Mountain.